In my research on leadership engagement and communication, I learned about a new problem facing corporate America that began in 2011 when we had four generations in the workforce. They are the Great Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials). Each of them with different characteristics, behaviors, beliefs, work ethics and ways of communicating. While the Great Generation is 99.9% retired, 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 13 years, and generation Z (born in the late 1990’s) will enter the workforce by the end of this decade.

Millennial leaders must be ready to optimize these four generational skills and talents, and the challenge they pose of integrating newer workers while still respecting the seniority and experience of older ones. I felt this situation is a necessary learning component under the umbrella of communication, engagement and team building, so in 2015 I designed a presentation called, Understanding the Four Generations in the Workforce.

These are some of the testimonials from that presentation.

What an eye-opening speech. I never considered the impact of generational perspectives on lifestyle and workplace until Paula’s message.
Amy King

Enlightened, engaged, educational.
Judy DeSherlia

I loved the presentation! It was very enlightening. I am impressed with your research.
Carla P.

Paula-“You Rock”. Your presentation was eye opening and allowed a clear picture of how generations can work together. Your style of explaining & shining is clear.
The presentation has much value to offer our diverse communities. Very captivating and interesting presentation.
G Arora

You are terrific! Love your message and the generational bridge. Very interesting and important.
Peggy Scott

Your talk was very eye-opening and informative. Once you talked about all the differences, I can clearly see how different the generations are. Great talk!
Diana K.

Paula your presentation was great, thank you! Loved all of it.
Mirtha Bowman

I felt things about events in history that I haven’t thought about in years. I felt enlightened and entertained
Susan H.

Very well-presented discussion filled with historical insights for our multi-generational population. Nicely integrated audience participation!
Michele Pett

Great presentation! Paula I am so impressed! I really think the information is so valuable. I have never stopped to consider the influences that have shaped my views on the world, our government. Any large company would benefit from this!
Park Schutz

How to transcend generations. Sharing the timeless wisdoms of our understanding of history with the innovative ideas of the new generation.

Presentation excellent, relative, interactive, interesting. Elizabeth Park

Workshops for: 1) Corporations with diverse workforce 2) Startups interested in developing a successful integration of diverse talents/ages/experience.

Paula-great subject matter & a benefit to all. Thanks for an informational and fun presentation.
Kathy M.

I liked the question,” what was a defining event that helped shaped us.” It helped me understand where the other generations are coming from!
Carol Eyring

Thought provoking. I really enjoyed today.
Delores Dunlap