Embrace Your Feminine Qualities and Take Your Place at the NEW Leadership Table

Our image of leadership has always been masculine.  Society has rewarded men who are daring, fearless, and dominant. Make no mistake, these masculine qualities are what made America grow into a great nation.

What is needed now to solve today’s quagmire of complex issues, are feminine qualities that guide people to work in community to solve problems. Feminine qualities such as deep listening, inclusion, collaboration, and support for others.   It is these feminine leadership qualities that are critical for success in the 21st-century business environment.

In the past these qualities have been ridiculed and marginalized and thought of as unnecessary “soft qualities.” They are the exact opposite. These are the qualities necessary to create a strong adaptable business organization, with effective working relationships based on a solid sense of community in the work culture.

In actuality, these “soft qualities” are not easy and their complexity makes them hard to acquire, learn, and develop.  Yet we have been honing these very powerful qualities since we were little girls.

It is worth mentioning that a 2016 survey of nearly 22,000 firms in 91 countries by the Pearson Institute for International Economics, found that the profitable corporations that went from having no female leaders to a 30% representation, gained a 15% increase in their financial position.

Like the superheroes of our mythos who came into being when we most needed them, our world desperately needs your feminine qualities. When you embrace their power and you proudly and openly use those qualities, you are helping to validate the new kind of leadership as feminine, and it is just as powerful as masculine. Then come and take your rightful place at the new leadership table of women and men equally working together to solve our national problems.