Be The Champion And Ceo Of Your Career

This program provides you with eleven action steps necessary to create a career of your own design,
and will allow you to take control of your professional life.

1. Manage Your Greatest Asset-You

You have market value that can be used to maximize your earnings potential, but it must be well managed in order to avoid financial loss.

Greatest Asset

2. Define Your Brand, Define Your Values, Skills, Strengths, Characteristics and Authenticity

Know thyself and be yourself. Honor that and leverage it. When you define your Values and you live by them, you are always in Authenticity. When you define your skills, characteristics, and strengths, you know what sets you apart from others. When you become clear about what it is you want to achieve professionally, you are ready to create Your Brand.

3. Create Your Own Marketing Plan

What does your industry think of you? You will need to always be able to answer this question, because you want to be certain that your brand is always a reflection of who you really are and who you want to be known as.


4. Design Your Career Map

In a chaotic, constantly changing professional environment, this map is a visual career management tool. It is an organized roadmap to professional excellence and personal satisfaction.

5. Use Social Media to Attract Opportunities

For opportunities to find you, you need a Social Media Plan that advocates what you want people to know about you across all important social media platforms.

social media

6. Give Your Brand Value

Design your professional skill set towards becoming an individual that corporations go to in order to achieve their strategic goals. This is called having the business, strategic & financial acumen to know where the business is headed and how to take it there!

7. Create Your Annual Achievement Report

This report will allow you to instantly access your accomplishments when the situation calls for it. It will also validate what makes you stand out in a crowded field.


8. Promote Yourself

It is absolutely critical to your success to effectively learn to promote yourself and your competencies. A true leader also learns to promote the competencies of others.

9. Know the Skills Needed for a Successful Professional Future

Some of the drivers such as global connectivity, smart machines and social media are reshaping or completely changing our world and work environment every moment. You need to acquire those skills necessary to be productive and be able to contribute to your future and the future of others.

Your Future

10. Be in Community with Like Minded Women

We know what can happen when women come together towards any goal. Whether in support of each other, or engaging in professional networking, in a community of supportive women powerful things happen!

11. Create your Professional Network

You must begin early to strategically plan to create business alliances and relationships that will help you reach your professional goals.

Professional Network