The Leadership-10 Program

The Leadership-10 Program

The majority of leadership development programs are created with males in mind.  To be able to cultivate your own successful leadership identity and style, it must be built on a foundation of leadership development designed specifically for women. 

To that end, I offer you a blueprint to your own path to corporate leadership positions, of five leadership characteristics and five leadership skills specifically tailored for women’s success, called The Leadership-10 Program*

Will these initiatives guarantee you success in achieving your career goals? I can’t say, but that is my fervent hope. What I can say is fully embrace them and you are more likely to succeed.

*Based on The Athena CORE10 initiative created solely for women in 2015 by the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College.

Five Leadership Characteristics Developed By Effective Women Leaders

Vision chart

1. VISION: Effective women leaders can spot and then define strategic opportunities that influence others to wholeheartedly embrace those opportunities.

2. AMBITION: They own their capabilities and their value, and share that expertise whenever necessary.

3. ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: They take a chance on themselves to do what it takes for them and their business to succeed.

4. COURAGE: Successful women leaders act with boldness when necessary.

5. RESILIENCE: Thoughtful women leaders can manage their emotions by recognizing their triggers and being able to effectively respond to those triggers.

Necessary Skills Effective Women Leaders Develop

Communication Chart

1. COMMUNICATION: Great women leaders engage in deep listening. Their deep listening occurs because they are able to put all other distractions aside and totally listen honestly and compassionately, without having their own interests at the forefront of their listening.

2. LEVERAGE: Experienced women leaders know that they never act alone. They need help to effect change and create success. They are always on the lookout for sponsors, mentors, and peers they can rely on to support them and champion their causes.

3. COLLABORATION: Determined women leaders that take the time to empower their staff by soliciting their opinions on topics such as company goals, strategic aims, potential new products etc. will learn a wealth of information necessary for effective decision making.

4. NEGOTIATION: Strong women leaders successfully build consensus towards moving forward together.

5. ADVOCACY: Successful women use their influence on behalf of others.